Born and raised in Los Angeles by her single mother, Reena learned at a very young age the value of hard work, persistence and that having a vision could help one rise above the challenges.

As a child actress, Reena trained early on at the legendary Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler Acting Studios.

(embarrassing photo below)

She's played various roles appearing on hit television shows such as "Married With Children," "7th Heaven," "Clueless," "Beverly Hills 90210,” and “iCarly”. She would later land several national commercial such as Snapple, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Sprint, Samsung and Baskin Robbins. Reena currently has a print campaign with Heritage Resorts. She's been seen working with top industry professionals such as James Franco, Emma Roberts, and Dolph Lundgren (to name a few). 

She contended in The Miss Teen Asia-USA as 2nd runner up and awarded the title of Miss Photogenic.

She not only values her passion in the Arts, but received her BA in Communication Studies from California State University of Northridge.

Reena worked with Italian film director, Giorgio Serafini on an action film with Dolph Lundgren and Billy Zane. She played the fantasy girlfriend in Nick Cannon’s film “School Dance”. She's worked alongside, Norman Reedus in an indie film directed by Patrick Hoelck. She's played the lead role on Director Kirck Cohen's short film, Turdis. Shortly after she played Selina in The Pit directed by Gerrad Wilson. Besides acting, she  co-wrote and produced alongside director, Alex Grafenberg, New Media TV series called Reena Clone Blog.

She's been very active in the sports fitness modeling realm, she's worked with ASICS, PUMA and NIKE.  

For her achievements in media and her philanthropic services for the Los Angeles Community and the Philippines; Reena was a recipient of the Young Ambassador of Goodwill Award. (photo above)

Reena resides in Los Angeles. She enjoys painting and hiking. She's also a philanthropist in contributing to local charities and with the Philippines. But most of all, Reena enjoys the good company of her friends.

with singer Aaliyah filming the music video "Journey to the Past" for the Oscar nominated film “Anastasia.”

 Fely Franquelli in "Back to Bataan."

(Below) Fely Franquelli next to Anthony Quinn in "Back to Bataan"

Her great Aunt Fely Franquelli graced the silver screen in the 1940's with acting legends such as John Wayne (Back to Bataan), Margaret Sullivan, (Cry Havoc), and Anthony Quinn, (Back to Bataan). 

On the set of "iCarly" with Patricia and Jerry.

Reena filming a Baskin Robbins Commercial!

 Felix Magazine editorial about her acting career.

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