Born and raised in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California by her single mother. 

Reena learned at a very young age the value of diligence, persistence, and that having a vision could help one rise above the challenges faced daily.

As a young child, she's played various roles appearing in "Married With Children," "7th Heaven," "Clueless," "Beverly Hills 90210," and in later years,"iCarly." 

Did you know that Reena's first audition and acting job was working with the late singer, and actress, Aaliyah?  On set of the video production "Journey To The Past",  she had no idea what impression Aaliyah would leave Reena for years to come.

Reena trained early on with the legendary Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler Acting School. Years later, she came across the Sanford Meisner technique at Playhouse West, where the acclaimed James Franco studied and taught classes.

Subsequently, Reena worked with Italian film director, Giorgio Serafini in an action film with Dolph Lundgren and Billy Zane. She worked with Nick Cannon on his film “School Dance” playing  the role of Fantasy Girlfriend. She's worked alongside Norman Reedus in a film directed by Patrick Hoelck called ‘Blak Hat’.  Apart from acting, she secretly writes short stories. She co- wrote the Reena Clone Blog Series. She also ghost writes for feature films. 

Aside from Film and TV, she has appeared in national commercials, such as Baskin Robbins, Best Buy, Coca Cola, Intel, Samsung and Sprint, etc. And in Print Modeling, Reena has appeared working with sports lifestyle brands, such as ASICS, NIKE, PUMA. 

Did you know that Reena was in a couple pageants? She contended in Miss Pasadena and Miss Teen Asia USA, where she won the category of Miss Photogenic. She learned a lot doing the Pageant Queen realm, but she desired to continue studying film.

As one can see, she not only has high esteem for the Arts, but is well rounded in scholastics and received her BA in Communication Studies.

In 2014, she was a recipient the Young Ambassador of Goodwill Award. (*Reena's mom would instill philanthropy characteristics upon Reena. One of their mother & daughter bonding projects would be sending boxes to the Philippines containing useful things such as clothes, cans, shoes, accessories, etc.,)

In 2017,  she was  a recipient of the Woman Of Worth Awards in the category of Entertainment.

Last but not the very least! Reena resides in LA. She enjoys painting and doing street art, hiking with her dog "Hotdog", loving her family and friends and simply creating, creating, creating...


She always painted as a child. Her grand father was a well known architecture/creative designer, and her childhood babysitter (whom Reena considers as a grandmother) would paint oil paintings of her family, landscapes and simple portraiture paintings.  

Reena had her first art show at Downtown Art Walk of May 2011.

Shortly after she went on a 2 year hiatus. She didn't want to paint or touch a brush.

Later a new inspiration sparked inside her to paint again! She would paint in her home and sometimes use AirBnB as a private painting getaway. In 2016, Reena  then sparked a new inspiration for her current series “Hollywood Icons of 1990s: Gone But NeverForgotten.” She came back full swing with her new work at the Stone Malone Gallery on the famous fashion street, Melrose Avenue! Reena has had past art shows displayed at RAW artists (LA), Street Art Fair International,  AC Gallery, Stone Malone Gallery, Skirball Center and Art Basel Miami 2017.

She has received previous artist editorials with Koncept Magazine and Elegant Magazine.

Lastly, I bet you didn't know that Reena has done street art in Miami, Paris and Los Angeles.

More dope art coming soon...


With a few singles streaming on internet radio sites, such as Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify and more!  A few singles you can listen to are, Freakshow, Shoparazzi,and Wifi and Face. Reena co writes her music with music producer, Andrew Lane. 

In Spring 2017, she released a cover song of “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany and released it as “Alone Now”. Reena performed a live performance of her song 'Wifi' at the Street Art Fair International Pop Up Show in June 2017. in January 2018, she'll be finalizing  her EP "RT volume one".  Reena is looking forward to performing more shows so stay tuned! 

She has released one new song on her soundcloud account, that is in her EP "RT volume one".

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