In the heart of Hollywood, amidst the glitz and glamour, Reena's formative years were shaped by her single mother's unwavering resilience, a testament to the immigrant spirit from the Philippines. From early on, she imbibed the virtues of perseverance and forward-thinking, laying the groundwork for her journey ahead.

Under the guidance of legendary mentors such as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, and Sanford Meisner at Playhouse West, Reena embarked on her artistic odyssey. Her debut alongside the iconic Aaliyah in "Journey To The Past" marked a profound chapter in her soul-stirring narrative.

With a repertoire spanning blockbuster films and beloved TV series like "Married With Children" and "iCarly," Reena's talent graced screens worldwide. Not just confined to the silver screen, she lent her charisma to national advertising campaigns for renowned brands like Adidas and Coca-Cola, leaving an indelible imprint.

The inception of her Reena Clone Blog series ignited a newfound passion for storytelling, propelling her into the realms of producing, editing, and scripting. Armed with a Communication Studies degree and a trail of accolades including the prestigious Astronaut of the Year Award, her multifaceted talents earned her global acclaim.

Balancing between ateliers in Los Angeles and England, Reena's art transcends boundaries, resonating with audiences across diverse cultures. Her installations, from Hong Kong to Berlin, including poignant tributes to Kobe Bryant, adorn iconic streets, echoing her commitment to democratizing art.

In a landmark moment, Reena made history as the first Pacific Islander contemporary painter to address Cambridge University's Conference of Human Analog Space Missions. Her impassioned discourse catalyzed the creation of "The Ordeal," a monumental painting embodying her Quantum Entanglement narrative.

Today, as an Artist in Residency at Pas + Fig in Highland Park, California, Reena pioneers immersive experiences, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Inspired by her deep-seated commitment to social responsibility, she founded the ARTE Youth Program, bridging gaps in S.T.E.A.M education and spreading transformative experiences to impoverished communities worldwide.

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Reena's Great Grand Aunt, Fely Franquelli, was " HOLLYWOOD'S ONLY FILIPINO ACTRESS". She played the important role of Luisite in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production of "Cry Havoc". the all-feminine cast is headed by Margaret Sullivan, Ann Southern, Marsha Hunt, Joan Blondell and Fey Beinter. It was directed by Richard Thorpe, produced by Edwin  Knopf.

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