Reena was born and raised in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California by her single mother, who hailed from the Philippines. She learned the values of diligence, persistence, and vision from a young age, which helped her overcome the daily challenges she faced.

Training with three of the strongest acting coach houses, the legendary Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, and with Sanford Meisner Playhouse West, her first acting job was working with the great Aaliyah, on the video production Journey To The Past, leaving her with a lasting impression. Her resume includes feature film roles and hit TV shows such as Married With Children, 7th Heaven, Clueless, Beverly Hills 90210, and iCarly, and national brand commercials for Adidas, Nike, Puma, Coca Cola, Intel, Samsung, Sprint, and others.

Co-writing Reena Clone Blog series sparked her interest in producing, editing, and acting in her own content, writing short stories and feature film length scripts. Earning a BA in Communication Studies and recognized with the 2014 Young Ambassador of Goodwill Award, 2017 Woman of Worth Award and the 2018 Astronaut of the Year Award from Mars Academy USA.

Flowing between her artist ateliers in Los Angeles and England and traveling to experience cultures, food and museums internationally, Tolentino’s style is truly a universal narrative having showcased artworks in contemporary galleries, Stone Malone, Skirball Center, and Wynwood for Art Basel Miami. Passionate about sharing art through public works, Reena’s installations include Hong Kong, Berlin, and personally meaningful large scale mural and billboard tributes for Kobe Bryant on the iconic Love Street and Sunset Blvd in her hometown LA.

In April 2022, Reena became the first Pacific Islander contemporary painter to lecture at Cambridge University at the Conference of Human Analog Space Missions, for analog astronauts in I.C.E space missions, inspiring the creation of The Ordeal, her largest scale painting from her Quantum Entanglement narrative.

Currently RT is developing an Artist in Residency partnership with BNG hospitality and the Revolver Group, as well as, designing immersive art fair experiences in Web 3 and tech activations. Inspired by giving back, Tolentino founded her non profit ARTE Youth Program to develop art in education opportunities for low-income youth.

Keep your eyes to the galaxy for this shooting Star!

Reena Trivia!

Reena's Great Grand Aunt, Fely Franquelli, was " HOLLYWOOD'S ONLY FILIPINO ACTRESS". She played the important role of Luisite in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production of "Cry Havoc". the all-feminine cast is headed by Margaret Sullivan, Ann Southern, Marsha Hunt, Joan Blondell and Fey Beinter. It was directed by Richard Thorpe, produced by Edwin  Knopf.

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